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We are happy to welcome you to the website of the company “ELEZAR”, one of leaders in the market of Moscow district electrification. For more than 5 years the company “ELEZAR” has successfully been carrying out electricity connection to the objects of Moscow and Moscow district. We connect houses, summer cottages and other objects to power supply network of “Moscow United Power Supply Network Company” MOEsK, MGEsK, MKS, FSK.

Our target is professional assistance in power connection with minimum consumers’ expenses!

Nowadays the company “ELEZAR” offers connection of private housing developments and objects of small, mid-sized and big business to power supply networks MOEsK, MGEsK, MSK, FSK. Experienced and well-organized team of the company will solve all problems regarding electricity supply of your house, cottage, garden plot, garden noncommercial partnership (GNP), country noncommercial partnership (CNP), enterprise, logistics centre, office and other individual and commercial property fast and professionally.

Our specialization

The company “ELEZAR” carries out a complex of electrical installation works in Moscow and Moscow district. Our specialization is increasing, securing (change of owner), renewal of expired technical requirements, and connection of power and all range of electric installation work. All works are done “key ready”, there are tolerances of self-regulating organizations (Certificate: стр. 1, стр. 2, стр. 3) for works:

  • Analysis of technologic possibility,
  • Development of action plan,
  • Individual execution of documents package,
  • Provision of request control,
  • Receiving connection contract and technical requirements,
  • Development of power supply project (detailed topographical survey),
  • Approval for project documentation,
  • Construction of cable transmission line and overhead transmission line up to 35 kv and higher,
  • Start-up work, maintenance,
  • Commissioning of electric installation,
  • Issue of power supply contract and inclusion letter,
  • Briefing of a customer (optional).

Why to cooperate with electrical installation company?

A lot of departments and controlling units are involved into the process of objects connection to power supply network, for example: electrical networks MOEsK, FSK, MGEsK, MSK, Energosbyt, Energonadzor, Mosoblgas, city authorities or rural district administration, expert laboratories, controlling units… A consumer has to receive and sign a lot of necessary documents in each and every instance. If one of the chain links is broken, the consumer finds himself in a dead end. How is it possible to guard oneself from loss of time chasing employees of network organizations, strength, excessive expenses, and, finally, who finds a creative decision?

In that case, the most adequate solution is to address “ELEZAR”. Having vast experience in electrical installation works with electrical installations of different types, system coordination of our employees during cooperation with network company from one side, and a consumer from the other side, we get worthy results indeed. We will take responsibility for your cares, whether it is an enterprise or a garden cottage. We offer qualified cooperation with “ELEZAR” on the first stages of initial permit documentation, further engineering, construction organization of new, modernization and installation of old overhead transmission lines, cable transmission lines, complete transformer substations, pole-top transformer substations, distribution points, electric power recording systems and other electric equipment, coordination with many interested organizations regardless region distances according to system “all inclusive”. Do you want to work with us already?

Basic stages of our work

The most important for every consumer is to receive reasonable technical requirements for electrical power connection in the power networks as MOEsK, MGEsK, MSK, FSK. For this purpose we collect information for power supply networks, in service zone of which our residential area is included, and carry out quality control during production stages. Within ten days you can obtain all necessary information regarding your request – this is ritual service.

You should bring a package of documents for expert analysis to the company “ELEZAR”. We correct and supplement the basic package. When the general package for Service of technological branches connection MOEsK (and others) is ready from the side of our organization, we draft a contract for cooperation stages and start working.

Time for consideration of filed applications depends on existing technical circumstances, place of object location, demand of electric power, and, as a rule, doesn’t exceed 45 calendar days. In the company “ELEZAR” there are flexible prices, including express-procedure of application processing as well.

Thus, technical requirements (permission documentation) are received, and the stage I of the contract is fulfilled. Afterwards, we offer the stage II, linked directly with electricity connection. This stage is not less responsible, including a project, cost estimation, approval, network construction, electrical installation commissioning, start-up, that’s why it should be entrusted to conscientious specialists with professional long-term experience.

The best way to predict the future is to build it together with us!